Recently I began to help a special client create a new catering business, Free Range Picnics. She wanted low key, simple graphic with her favourite type of Rooster as the mascot. I had a look at all the hipster trend art out there and knew what I wanted to avoid so the business will stay authentic and not suffer a remake in a few months – already there is a saturation point with the retro-hipster brand work, as if vintage appeal will make something work, run or taste better.

Going with a black press mark and royal blue; the logomark has a home cooked business feel with a playful homage to crests of old designs, I pushed for those elements to ensure something to play with throughout the identity – dotted lines, laurels etc.

After a few test runs, the catering concept seems very worthwhile, there is even a leading deli in the city which has cleared two whole shelves for her wares – so clearly something is tasting good! I will be completing labels and box art, marquee designs and even a iron wind vane design!

Recently visited for food shots of salsas, jams, breads and other condiments for her forthcoming website, facebook and twitter pages.