Recently I completed the logomark for a new project (Holistic Imaging) developed by an Austrian geospatial firm I have been working with for the last few months. After successfully acquiring sponsorship from government sources they began work on a new survey software with some very clever aerial and terrestrial merging technology.

When given the text based logotype “Holistic Imaging”, they asked for a mark to go on future promotions of the product, but at this time it was mostly about the development and not the marketing they are focussed on. The clients are fixed and already invested. In a sense, they wanted a unifying project icon. So I looked at what the software analysed and began sketching ideas.

Exploring the results of scans and aerial images, shapes of streets and the buildings scanned – each began to influence the approach. Soon enough, the design that stood out was one part monolith, another part structure and when viewed in 2D flat, a roadmap as the elements played on perspectives. Much like the software plays on multiple perspectives.


Street lanes and building fascia made up the inspiration for the new mark, shown here in basic grey.

After much debate on skype and email, the original logotype returned and a shaded element was put through the design. Then a false 3D review was requested with example style provided by client for art direction. The work has been accepted and is now the logomark for a government national initiative. This is certainly one of my significant designs in recent years. Website is the next phase.

Holistic Imaging Logo

Initial shaded finish, one of four versions provided.